We Make Events 2020
We're Making Vinyl Signs Now

During the pandemic our team stood behind the campaign making sure our voices are to be heard.

We have been an integral part of events industry supply chain by providing event branding, technology assistance, crew hire, and production support management services. For more than 2 decades we have been engaged across the UK entertainment, including, sports, night life, music, Art, Film, Theatre and other major Public Events.

Only at first week of pandemic we lost 93% of our income. Events industry professionals lost their jobs and businesses closed permanently.

During the pandemic our team stood behind #wemakeevents global campaign, we proudly supported by producing vinyl signs and donating 10% of our proceeds towards the www.backuptech.uk

Now we are looking forward to safe returning and taking on new projects, doing what we do best when restrictions are lifted.

#redalert #lightitred #wemakeevents #GovCantSeeUs

Customise your equipment, vehicles, helmets, peli case and more.. www.wemakesignsnow.com
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